Hades, The Short End of the Stick

Ruler of the Underworld
Supervisor of Hell
Two brothers who rule the universe
While he is stuck in his realm

Hades is the loner of pack
Only sitting with his girlfriend, Persephone
When lunch finally comes around
The two are a power couple
However, it is not always simple for the man of death

Hades gets teased about his isolation
Often called a freak
Only to irritate him further
Persephone leads him back on track
When his mind goes dark
She is keeper of sanity

His isolation would not be without benefit
Hades was an exceptional artist
Making sketches and drawings of many things
Some from his life as the Grim Reaper
Others from his love for his girlfriend
No matter the drawing, his art was know by many in the online space
There he could express his most inner thoughts with the world
Thoughts he would only tell Persephone

Hades had a three-headed dog, Cerberus, at one time
His pride and joy
It was not long, however, until one of his enemies would come and kill it while Hades was away
Hades was furious, but without enough evidence there was nothing he could do
No one would believe him
The police would be skeptical
Only Persephone would listen
This only fueled his passion for art further

Today, he is in college, creating masterworks and piece to show the world
His now wife, Persephone, supports him through thick and thin, as she always did
He will always be the bad guy
But he is not a "bad guy"
Hades is just misunderstood
He got the short end of the stick

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Our world


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