Hades' Eternal Love

The storm siezed and blew 

I look towards the sky

If only I knew

Where all my time went by

Centuries upon centuries of ungrasped time

Ruling down here in utter misery

Then suddenly the sky breaks at nine

I see a girl so beautiful it is a mystery

I wallow at the sight and conoct a plan

Calling up my brothers, we make one on the spot

To open up the earth with a sudden bam!

Oh, how I truly love her a lot

She sits picking flowers with a graceful ease

The earth swallows her up and sends her down to hell

Persephone, so beautiful it brings me to my knees

At once we ring the wedding bell

Now I still here with my beautiful wife

I ask, what can you bring you rejoice?

She says she yearns for a different life

One where her husband is a choice




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