Hack the Binary

Excuse me-I don't mean to be a bother-I'll move out of your way-
So sorry for the interruption-Please excuse my rudeness-
My deepest apologies-I'm so sorry-

Please forgive me-I don't mean to intrude- 



I'm tired of apologizing
Never wanna see me rising
Up, up, past the top
Once I start, I'll never stop
Then y'all will be just a thought
Got you feeling all distraught
Won't ever, never let you blot
out my pages, have a shot
A cold dose of this truth
Shows you that I'm bulletproof
No, it don't take no sleuth
No shady dealer in a booth
To tell you that you ain't got couth

Nevermore will I apologize
Bend at the knee, lower my eyes
For something that I see as a prize
Self-validation nulling your lies
I will be who I wanna be
And anybody with a mind can see
You ain't "man enough" to force that on me
Y'all don't need to understand
So come, I'll take you by the hand
We'll love each other and walk this land
And then you'll see one can love and let be
Without ever being, as y'all say, "damned"

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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