The Guy.

I first hear the bass of his car from down my road.

He pulls in and I get that giddy feeling like always.

He walks up the driveway,

with my favorite flowers in his hand.

The dozen roses are as beautiful as ever,

“But not quite as beautiful as you”, he says.

And this is why he is my favorite thing.


We are driving along the highway,

your hand is in mine,

and I wish I could stay like this forever,

just you and I.

You glance over at me at red light in front of us,

and pull me in for a kiss.

And this is why he is my favorite thing.


Camping with him and his family is never dull.

He taught me how to play Scat and Pitch.

He shows me the ins and outs of his second home.

The meteor shower on the dock was a gorgeous image

that will stay with me for a lifetime.

He held me close and told me the greatest stories of his life up here.

And this is why he is my favorite thing.


I told him I love chocolate frosting.

I could eat it right out of the can with just a spoon.

We were all watching a movie and enjoying the time.

When all of a sudden,

there is frosting on my face.

He came behind and gave me a nice frosting bath.

And this is why he is my favorite thing.


I sat with him talking about life.

I never had it easy

I was always struggling with myself.

But he taught me differently.

As I sat there crying with him holding me so tight,

He taught me the things to love about myself.

And this is why he is my favorite thing.


From the giggle that brightens my day,

To the smile the shines across a room.

To the touch that can soothe any aching heart,

And to the jokes that make me die of laughter.

I find no reason not to fall in love with him.

This is why he is my favorite thing,

this is why I love him.









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