Guiding Force

My intuition is everything I have

When I decided to move my life six states over

And everyone told me I was making a mistake

I told them I knew what I was doing

My intuition sustained me


My intuition keeps me alive

When I am in the deep waves of depression

And the night is never ending

I tell myself it will all be okay

My intuition sustains me


My intuition helps me decide

When I need to know what to choose and who to believe

And there are infinite sources pulling me in every direction

I breathe and listen to my intuition  

My intuition will always sustain me


My intuition is fickle

Sometimes I need to know the answers

But my intuition remains silent

This has taught me that

Sometimes you just need to be patient—the answers will come


My intuition is cocky

Sometimes I dive into something I whole-heartedly believe is right

And sometimes I’m wrong

But that has taught me that

Everything happens for a reason


My intuition is my core

It represents everything I believe in, feel, and think

Relying on it maintains my true self

And listening to my true self

Is the most satisfying human action

My intuition sustains me

And I wouldn’t be who I was today if I didn’t have it 

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