Guardian Angel

Escape from your pain,

Let them take you to a better place,

A place where nobody will judge you,

For thinking grey skies and dark waters are beautiful,

Where danger is in the mix,

Swirling winds,

A catastrophe,

He will be there,

Your guardian angel,

The messenger of God,

He will protect you no matter what,

It is blissful,

A sanctuary full of evil,

Frightened about the others,

Do not fear,

Do not accept the sorrow,

The misery,

He will be yours to hold,

Your guardian angel.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

brilliantly written

you can feel the power of God & The Lord in the poem

always have faith

find peace with The Lord, let Him give you peace

keep expanding this amazing idea you're developing

read more of my poems and feel connected where it inspires to feel accepted and important

Black Wings

Thank you.

I will always stay close to the God and Goddess

They are my faith in this world.

I will be definitely continue reading your work Warrior.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

stay close and have a strong prayer life

keep writing

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