Growth from within

Sun, 10/30/2016 - 17:12 -- Hodan

See know, I want you to love me but not for the appearance that you see.

The mere steam that is green but for the growth, 

I have shown from the seed I once was to the roots I have grown.

I've lived a doubtful life of progression and change but since when did I know I could grow. 

Hidden underneath the darkness and tucked away, I could no longer wait. 

Just like a caterpillar in its final state. 

Realizing the journey upward would be a stretch. 

I couldn't allow myself any withdrawals. 

In order to grow, I dug through the dirt that piled on, a surface meant to be bury low. 

It was only then I could comprehend risking until reaching the end.

Now without the struggle that took place, I would have never bloomed 

and I would be stuck in a place where I couldn't resume.








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