I said her eyes were pretty

And she flashed her eyelids sweetly.

I said her moves were sexy

And she danced on me smoothly.

I said I’d treat her nice

And she asked me to be her girlfriend.

I said I liked her

And she said she loved me.

I said I loved her

And she showed me thoroughly.

She saw me crying

And she held me closely.

She saw me angry

And she argued calmly.

I punched a wall

And she kissed my fist tenderly.

I cried apologetically

And she instantly forgave me.


She said she loves me

I showed her passionately.

She said she won’t give up on me

I catered to her daily.

She said she’s hungry

I fed her, eagerly.

She said she’s struggling

And I held her supportively.


We said I love you

And cared for each other automatically.

She was patient with me

And I was better to her.

We grew up

And I promised her

That she deserves better than me

But I’ll be better for her.

She said she’s ready

So I married her.







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