Grown Love


I loved him with every bone in my body he wasn't good for me I know but in the moment it felt fantastic couldn't no one tell me other wise we met in a odd matter but lets not get hung up on the dets I just loved him despite the disapperances and the lies that I accepted he wasn't good for me I know and silly me I thought it was me who wasn't good for him because I loved him so when he showed up in my life again I jumped at the chance to accept his lies untill my blindfold fell off and I saw the big lie I couldn't face that I knew was there but didn't wanna  face he wasn't for me but for another and then I had a choice to make whether to retie the blindfold or get rid of this grown love.

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Deep down I am a petty but is that any excuse I can tell my mother My bestfriend at the time was having sex so why couldn't I is that any excuse to tell my father I didn't even let the guy put in all the way so how did I end up pregnate but truthfully I know I paid attention in class what is it called pre-cum yea precum the disappointment I gave my parents how could I have got pregnate to this day I can remember it and the guy had the nerve to deny it I was a virgin, young, foolish but thats beside the point my mom gave me a choice carry this fetus that has nothing to do with my foolish and petty actions or abort it and leave myself with the bitter memory of my young and foolish mistake.

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