Grown Up

When I was a kid I could fit my little kid clothes

but when I started to grow

It suprised me so much that my clothes didn't fit no more

If I wore them now they would've tore

I realized I was grown when they told me to get a job

the world kept turning round and round but for me everything stopped

in my mind the world didnt spin

but when I fell into the oblivion

something new was happenin

something grew from deep within 

I was experiencing something everyone goes through

but at the same time I didn't have a clue 

it was called change

and everything started to feel strange

They told me I needed to grow up and to move out

I didn't know what it meant to be a grown up but now I know what it's about

It was time to spread my wings and to explore it on my own

I needed to become myself I needed to act grown

I needed to apply what I've learned growing up into the real world

I felt like I wasn't a little girl anymore

And that really hit me down to the the core 

It was a shock for me like lightning in a storm

It all came at once and hit me like a swarm

my family let me go free they called it independency

It was my time to be independent

It was beyond me, to me it was transcendence 

It was far from the ordinary world that I once knew

But I spread my wings and I flew 

I grew up to be a beautiful independent woman

I knew it wasn't over with everything became one

the universe wasn't done with me

but there wasn't anything I couldn't overcome

but instead become

this wonderful person

even though I was still trying to find my purpose

I was still learnin

but I grew up and flourished

I wasn't discouraged

This is how I grew up

It was very rough and it was very tough

but i began to see

what I could really bring into the world and just really be all that i could be

instead of living in this dreamed up fantasy

but live in the real world and its reality.




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