Growing, Thoughts Written


Written as the philosopher devised ways to think
but the thought was only told through speech.
Yet speech was only allowed for those that began to speak
and for those who listened only used their eyes to guide the meaning.
Which means that the masses that became mute upon death
only showed their life through their arthitect.
So the arthitect that we instinctively searched for
told the wonders of life that we all strive for.
But for us to strive for something greater,
we communicate ideas that continues to be undefined.
The reason why it is undefined is because it was never meant for
other eyes; it's mystery, continuing its plague for centuries.
The centuries of survival gave theories, which allowed beings to conceive.
And this being conceives the words taught
only to provide meaning to continue seeking himself.
And as he find parts of himself, he will tell his story as he writes.


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