Growing Problems

Why do we have to go to school when all we get is judged? Why we gotta play by all the rules when teachers really don't give a fuck. All they care about is their day to day paychecks and never our education so why are we here? They pretend as if they don't know what bullying is until someone is pushed over the edge. Asking questions about what had happened or the events that led to his end. And they have enough nerves to put on the defense. Claiming that their judge is to teach and nothing else, but what if that was your son? You wouldn't be feeling the things you felt. They are nothing but phonies, mimes trained to speak. You heard him crying, turned your head and continued to teach. You heard the enemies send out horrible words with a vulgar speech. God don't like ugly and you maa'm are the worst. I can't even look at you without getting sick first. It's a shame that we
must respect someone who would'nt care if your life is in jepordy and gives their best crocodile tears when a problem is turned a tragedy. There is only a few teachers in each school that loves dearly for their students education. It's sad because these are the ones with barely no recognition. Until there is more teachers like that my position stays strong. That thete is no good teachers because all of them are gone.

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