Growing Pains

2016 began with new hope,

2015 felt like a tightrope.

One needs to learn to let go of hate,

For it is not innate.

Agape love learned from the cross,

Allowed for better things to come across.

After having come across boys,

And after playing with toys,

I finally came to meet a friend,

That brought false beliefs to an end.

A man with a passion in his heart,

Who had an eye for God’s art.

He was called for a mission,

I gave my permission.

But even without it, he would have left anyway,

To teach little children The Way.

From coloring books

To checkbooks,

I bought my first car,

And my parents found it bizarre.

In a week, I learned again that giving,

Is necessary for loving.

My knight came back from mission,

But due to his admission,

He didn’t stay long.

In a year, I may be able to come along.

Money is a problem,

But I am hoping for some.

College takes away some friends,

Her, I wasn’t expecting it to end.

Senior year brings an end to much,

And I have the urge to clutch,

To run for one more season,

But I now have a different reason.

I may not be varsity,

But I plan to run through adversity.

To compete to be my own best,

And to forget the rest.


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