Growing Up is Optional


I think of a happy place

Somewhere that instantly brings a smile to my face.

Taking in every sight and sound,

Who could miss that pink and blue castle that stands 75 ft aboveground?


I can smell the waffle cones as I walk down Main Street,

And feel the crunch of popcorn that crumbles beneath my feet.

I make way toward my favorite ride

And even indulge in a churro that has been sugar-coated and fried.


When I am here, time seems to freeze

And becoming a kid comes with much ease.

This magical place makes me forget about growing up,

Especially when I am taking a spin in that purple tea cup.


Wearing Minnie Mouse ears proud and high,

I dread that moment I must say good-bye.

As I patently wait for my next visit to start,

I know  that I truly am a kid at heart.


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