Growing Up

All I ever wanted
was to grow up
being older seemed so cool
there was more to see and do
but then it hit me

growing up meant
no more bliss
from my ignorance
as I continued to learn more
and discover new truths

Growing up meant leaving
behind the simplicity of childhood
It was time to ask the hard questions
it was time to hear the hard truths
the wedge that tore people apart 
was more prominent

that wedge also
brought people together
growing up for me meant
seeking educational freedom
instead of being locked in
ignorance asylums

As I meet new people
I am able to ask new questions
learn from different experiences
as we grow up we discover
the difference from 
selfishness and selflessness

The easy and sudden transition
Showcases our lives 
Everyday a lesson
Every step a continuation
of our life journey

with each amount of change
We grow into who we 
Were meant to be 
Growing up then 
Is inevitable


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