Growing Up

Sliding doors open

Sun shines on my face

My mom approaches me with a smile

Keys in hand, a warm embrace. 

A shiny, black vehicle of freedom

I press the button to hear the click

Finally I am on my own

Yearning to get out of there quick.

Opening the door, I take a seat

My body overwhelmed with the summer heat.

I push the keys in and twist

The vibration of the engine up my wrist.

Checking my mirrors, fixing the chair

Even opening the windows for the cool summer air. 

Finally, putting the car in reverse

I pull out of the spot.

Once out, the excitement makes my face hot. 

Checking for cars, I wait with anticipation

Finally in the clear, I push on the acceleration. 

Alone at last, no one watching over me

This is the first time I have ever felt this free. 

I discovered my independence, and how good it feels

Never would I have thought

that my induction to adulthood

sits on four wheels. 


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