Growing up

Let me hold your finger I say

Hold me close to your breast

Words cannot describe the love you portray

Despite my disorderly unrest

I won't be a baby forever


Carry me I say

Tie my shoes nice and tight

As we walk around the bay

We must play while it's still light

C’mon don’t delay

I won’t be a toddler forever


School is boring I say

The world seems grey

Without an end in sight

I fight with all my might

To find my way

I’m won’t be a teenager forever


I must think of a career I say

I cannot fall astray

I must find a place to go

A place where I can grow

Into the person I want to be

I’m can’t be a teenager forever


Let me go I say

I will not forget our walks along the bay

Or the fading light as we play

Or the times were we seemed to fray

But I must be on my way

This it goodbye but it wont be forever

This poem is about: 
My family


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