Jennifer Brown



From a little seed i grow

you let the water flow.

I'm not sure why you picked a seed like me

I am only the size of a pea

dangers awaits

But everyday you enter the gates

After a hard long wait i start to sprout

Im sure youd start to have doubts

You've finally cracked the shell

Almost like you cast a spell

I was scared to open up

But as i realized you were destined to see me

A beautiful flower sprouted

You've sacrificed yourself to see me grow

Knowing it would hurt

Knowing it would take away from you.

You did it anyway

And for that i thank you for if you had not watered me the first time

I would not have seen the world for what it is

For i am the flower and you are the puddle

The puddle that watered me

The puddle that raised me

The puddle i call mom


This poem is about: 
My family


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