I write to experience you, Lord,

Your abundant grace,

Always embracing me in your love,

Breaking my self,

To love others. 


I write to express my frustration,

The world wears me down, but,

I know where I am found,


Soaring like the mighty eagle,

Revealing to others that there is hope,

You are loved, 


Everything you are,

Every ounce, 

Because the Lord takes all things, 

And makes them new. 


I write for endurance,

Words, emotions, thoughts,

Enclosing my presence,  

Wrapping around my conscience, constricting,

Cutting the flow, the rhythm of life,

Flowing through my veins, it screams,

Thrashing forth against its prison, 

Concern, confusion, frustration, joy, happiness,

Intertwined into a casm of perplexed distortion.

Noises fade, sight disappears,

Until all that remains is that which is written,

For all the age. 


I write to grow, 

The complexity of the life given us,

Steals my breath from my chamber.


I write, trying desperately to capture, 

The essence of His creation,

Slashing deep into these pages an overwhelming grace,

That expels tears from the mighty mountains.


I plunge to my knees, into my thoughts I dive,

As my mind races to understand His majesty,

Engulfed in the abyss,

Gasping for life,

The darkness lunges at the throat, 

Until lifted high above the raging seas,

Where I am surrounded by the comfort of His light.


I write...

To be...

To feel...

To think...

To grow.


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