Grounded in Earth

Grounded in Earth


The mountains keep me humble, standing at their feet -

remind me that I’m small, remind me that I’m weak.


The sea she keeps me present, reminds me not to crash -

her mermaids sing sweet lullabies, while offering a flask.


The clovers keep me curious, telling me tall tales -

inviting me to tea parties with fairies and with snails.


The stars they protect me, blanket me in light -

listen to my prayers, when I can’t sleep at night.


The trees they keep me sheltered, hidden under bows -

in snow or autumn leaves, this world is safe and sound.


The breeze she keeps me peaceful, reminding me of change -

let things come then watch them go, the best is on its way.


The storm will scream and moan, and slash the earth with light -

although it rages on, it brings me peace tonight.



This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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