Groping the Ocean’s Depths


United States
33° 25' 5.9376" N, 111° 55' 52.2984" W

The things I’ve been through

Written about, which hold the

Story line of my past.

And I hope that the reader

Can learn and laugh along with me.

Feel my frustrations

Realize the fullness of the path

I’ve walked. And walk it again with me.

Been inspired by my passion

Witness the limitless world

I write about upon these

Not-so-secret pages.

And then there are the thoughts- that you just can’t have written down anywhere. Because- nothing’s safe. Except in you head, where they were berthed and must remain. Like an overprotective mother, smothering a child out of fear something bad may happen to them. But sometimes you just have to write it down…because when I tell my brain “no, you can’t let this memory/thought be seen, they won’t understand,” it automatically decides to tie an anchor to it and send it off to the deepest part of the ocean, perhaps never to see light again.It’s safer there.

“Suppressed memories,” psychologists say

Silly brain. I turn the page

And begin writing. Already, the memory

I decided was to be kept secret

Has slipped my consciousness.

I grab at the water’s depths

Desperately groping

Until I’m able to just barely

Catch the end of the rope

And pull it back to safety.


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