The Grip of a Narcissist

My scars run deeper than my irrevocable love
For he who cuts me deepest just to see if I still bleed
His thirst strengthens as he watches the life drip from me
Insatiable, he whittles away til he reaches my bones
The only strength I have left he must take away
And the pain that makes me cry out but no one else can hear only makes him smile
He isolates me
Dragging by my feet, my reaper pulls me into his darkest places
But will not let me see the secrets that live beyond these walls
I can hear them scream so loudly to break free of his chains
And this is where I'm ending up
A prisoner of a harrowing past that is not my own
One I know nothing of and I am so undeserving of this fate
Though I know I bear no innocence
I may just be a piece but you are putting me to the wrong puzzle
Once my love overflowed like a pristine fountain
But at the bottom there was a rotting sponge who soaked it all in
And wrung out filthy and black
You needed someone to feel the pain you felt
You couldn't stand the thought that you might be alone in this world
Misery loves company
And you're laughing as my hand is on my chest
Because it is the closest I can get to hold my poor heart
Crying the last of its tears
And searching frantically for an end to this agonizing tale
A tale of a girl who made you out to be better than you were
A girl who was better than you made her out to be
And now all she'll ever be is empty and alone

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