Grim's Reality

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 17:03 -- m__23

Grims reality I pray for those who throw me downDown don't mean stay downOne day time will go but I don't fear leavingLAWD he sees all the good in meI don't see in myselfAll good almost conquered by badStill he'll build me back from memoryI do fear i wont change i might come back the the heathen He left me as Another said when he die he wanna go to hellWell i believe I'm a prisoners in my own cellWhat stands beyond that gate is untell untold unfoldedIn fast forwarded time what stands beyond the living is foreseen as a grim reality when honestly its fantasy to believe that hells gates don't walk among me or next to see what i seeIn grim's realityOh grim reaper oh reaper come hitherWith stories you must tell of bodies you outdatedOf people you sent to hell taking this one down taking that one down marking that body number 362Only a fool would believe you weren't once one of usWalking the crowds with some of usYet they believed you don't belong with usOnly allow you to come with us When life is through with us Grim's reality is realityWhat we see is fantasy an illusion blinding us from witnessing the trickery behind the curtain on the other side of horrizon where its really time that we hurting with stabs and jabs of hard liquorBullets full of dosers a few mimosas plus hard timesNow that's the cherry on the top almost pop from that last pillLiving with the hard knocks from the door bang bang cause the bell stop ringing Oh what a feelingIve got a feeling they coming for meTo throw me on grims steps where its worn and wetFrom those coming to his door to curse lifeThe love of his lifeLive for something or die for nothingWhich is what she always says But they don't believe it it cost more than nothing its something to want to leave everything which means it cost everything Grim believes only the strong can surviveHe ain't to mad to obligeTo relieve them and release as they released himFrom his duty to be apart of humanity. 




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