Herein lies a body with an interesting story to tell,

for its soul rest in hell.


Out of the infinite number of ways to die,

his was a tale that went awry.


His life was one of simple comings;

Yet it ended most unbecoming.


He met a girl who came into his life,

But he never thought he would wield the knife.


Death was cruel to this poor boy,

Who couldn’t find any joy.


For after years of searching for his missing puzzle piece,

His mind couldn’t seem to make its own peace.


With his thoughts impure and sanity withdrawn,

who would’ve thought he was so far gone?


Who could’ve known that death was whispering in his ear;

telling him to end her life here?


More so, who would’ve known he would also take his,

and that their lives would end as it is?


But alas, no one could’ve stopped him,

for he was destined to have an end so grim.



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