The Grievance of the Mother

Mon, 08/04/2014 - 14:25 -- kndon12


There comes a time in a mother's life

When her son or daughter must leave her

Ties nearly cut off completely as though severed by a knife.

College is the knife as some may soon learn

And although the child will see their mother again

The mother will quickly yearn

For a time when the child was solely kept by her

A time when a the child was hers all the year

A time when words and laughter and fun was as soothing as a cat's purr

There is an apt comparison of such sorrow

One that may be recognized by those who know the seasons change

And that the Underworld did borrow

The daughter of the nature

And so the world did surely change

For Demeter' s pain held a power of danger

Persephone, like the college bound student

leaves her mother at the end of summer

her timing always prudent

As months passed Demeter, always grew sadder

not unlike the college mother

and though the seasons don't obey the latter

They hear her cries of pain

as her baby steadily goes further

so the seasons are swain

and change with the mother.

Six months of departure pass

and winter is here in full

and in those years of harder toil, forever it seems to last

As the school year draws closer to the close

The mother is happy and flowers bloom

and the wind slows

The summer is filled with the mother's sweltering love

as is reflected by the heat

but soon the child by college is shoved

and the seasons change again.

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