Grief, Oh Grief

Grief, oh grief, you heavy weight,

A burden that no one can debate.

You come uninvited, unannounced,

And leave us feeling so deeply pounced.


You shake our world, turn it upside down,

And leave us feeling lost and bound.

Your presence lingers, like a dark cloud,

As we struggle to move on, feeling so cowed.


We cry and scream, we curse and shout,

Wondering what life is all about.

We long for what we've lost, we ache and yearn,

Feeling like we'll never again return.


But as time passes, we begin to see,

The memories that bring us to our knees,

Are also the ones that make us smile,

And make us feel like we can go on for a while.


Grief, oh grief, you never truly leave,

But we learn to live with you and believe,

That though the pain may never fully cease,

We can find peace, and live with ease.


So we hold on tight to the love we've known,

And cherish every memory that's been sown,

For in the end, it's love that remains,

And helps us through the sorrow and pains.


Grief, oh grief, you are a weighty cloak

That drapes upon my shoulders like a yoke

You bear down upon my soul and heart

And tear my world and dreams apart


You come unbidden, at the strangest hour

And haunt my thoughts like a restless power

You cast a pallor on my every smile

And keep my spirit in a state of exile


You steal my peace and leave me numb

And leave me searching for the strength to come

You take away my faith in life and love

And make me feel so small and alone


But as I walk this path of grief and pain

I find that I am not alone in this strain

For others too have felt your crushing weight

And together, we can find a way to navigate


So I take your hand and walk with you

Through the darkness and the unknown too

And though you may never truly leave

I know that with time, I will learn to grieve


Grief is a heavy burden,

A weight we cannot bear,

A wound that cannot be healed,

A pain that's always there.


It lingers in the shadows,

Haunts us day and night,

It wraps us in its darkness,

And blurs our sense of sight.


It tugs at our emotions,

And tears us apart inside,

It leaves us feeling empty,

And unable to hide.


Grief is a silent killer,

A thief of joy and peace,

It robs us of our happiness,

And never seems to cease.


But though it may seem endless,

And the pain may never fade,

We know that we will make it,

Through the sorrow and the shade.


For grief is just a moment,

In the journey of our soul,

And though it may be painful,

It will help us grow and grow.


So let us face our sorrow,

With courage and with grace,

And know that through our grieving,

We will find a better place.


Grief, oh grief, you heavy weight,

You fill my heart, you seal my fate,

You wash over me in endless waves,

And drown me in a sea of graves.


I try to move on, I try to be strong,

But you pull me back, you sing your song,

Of all that's lost, of all that's gone,

Of what I had, and what I've done wrong.


You steal my joy, you steal my peace,

You never cease to bring me to my knees,

You make me question life and death,

You rob me of my every breath.


But in the midst of all this pain,

I know that I am not alone,

For countless others feel the same,

Their grief a heavy weight, like stone.


And so I turn to them, to share,

To find a bit of solace there,

To know that I am not alone,

That I will find my way back home.


For grief may linger, grief may stay,

But it will not always have its way,

For in time, I'll learn to carry on,

And find my way to hope and dawn.


Grief is a heavy burden,

A weight that's hard to bear,

It comes in waves, unbidden,

And leaves us feeling bare.


It's the ache that fills our chest,

The tears that never dry,

The memories that won't rest,

No matter how hard we try.


It's the absence that we feel,

Of someone we loved so dear,

And though the pain is real,

We know they're no longer here.


Grief is a journey we must take,

Though it's a path we'd rather not,

But in time, we learn to make,

A new life from what we've got.


We hold onto the love we shared,

And the memories we keep close,

For though our loved ones are no longer there,

Their spirit lives on, the most.


So though we grieve, we must believe,

That we'll get through this pain,

And though our hearts may still heave,

We'll find peace and love again.


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