Not a geniuine, honest comprehension,

Only pity and "empathy",

but why empathy if they don't understand or feel with me?

Gradually becoming one with this shattered emotion acceptably,

because there's no choice except acceptance of abrassive, harsh reality

It's a locked door without a key,

it's a sky with no elevation,

This is my destiny and what's meant to be, I've came to the realization

It's a lifetime of cold nights, a struggle to see the day,

And everyone that cares tries to aide, but what much can they say?

It's a lucid grey ocean where the waves are still,

and I can't help but drown in it as my happiness peels

Nothing else left I can hold  onto except distant memories,

Sometimes even the happiest ones cease to be my remedy

Now I question everything, uncertain what is a dream

Time and life became my enemy, consistently playing schemes on me

A stubborn fear inside myself for futue loss,

trying to grasp onto what and who remains,

but time is consistent and life goes on...

It will never remain the same


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