Grief is an ocean,

Endless and vast,

It swallows you whole,

And the pain seems to last.


It crashes and tumbles,

And pulls you under,

You struggle and fight,

But it’s just getting stronger.


It hits you in waves,

With no warning or sign,

And you find yourself drowning,

In a sea of lost time.


Your heart is heavy,

And your soul is worn,

The weight of your loss,

Feels like a never-ending storm.


You long for the sun,

To break through the clouds,

To feel the warmth again,

And to break free from the shrouds.


But grief has its hold,

And it won’t let you go,

It’s a journey you must take,

Through the highs and the lows.


So you hold on tight,

And you ride the waves,

Until one day you find,

The strength to break away.


Grief may be a burden,

But it can also be a teacher,

To help you find your way,

And to become a stronger creature.


Grief is a weight that can't be measured

A pain that leaves the heart so treasured

It clings to the soul, a heavy burden to bear

And the tears that flow, show how much we care


It comes in waves, an unrelenting tide

A storm that rages deep inside

It's a crushing ache that never ends

A wound that never fully mends


Grief is a thief that steals our joy

A thief that none can fully destroy

It takes our loved ones, leaving us to mourn

And we're left to carry on, so torn


But in the midst of all this pain

There's a glimmer of hope that still remains

For though our loved ones may be gone

Their memory lives forever on


And though we may never fully heal

We find a way to somehow deal

With the grief that lingers in our hearts

And though it never fully departs


We learn to live with the pain and the loss

And though the road ahead may be hard and tough

We hold on to the love that remains

And find comfort in the memories that sustain.


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