The Green Solution

On a deserted island the one thing that I’d bring?

With this answer I’m not hesitant,

I want to bring with me,

Some of the dead U.S. presidents.


Give me money.

Give it to me more than I can count.

Give it to me through the mail,

Or straight to my bank account.


You think that I am playing?

You think this is a game?

I’m robbing that scholarship,

My rhyming is insane.


Put me on an island.

I won’t be in a pickle.

I’ll build shelter with pennies.

I’ll build the roof out of nickels.


Put me on an island.

You know I’ll be fine.

I’ll kill my food with thrown quarters,

I’ll chop it up with sharpened dimes.


Put me on an island.

After my appetite for food fills,

I’ll go take a nap on my hammock,

made entirely of one and five dollar bills.


Put me on an island.

Money is my only desire.

I’ll use ten dollar bills,

as the fuel to my fire.


Put me on an island.

I won’t ever be alone.

I’ll have Andrew Jackson’s love,

All to my own.


Put me on that island.

I won’t be there for a long time,

I’ll build a boat out Benjamins,

All while spitting out this sick rhyme.


Can’t live without money,

At least that’s within my knowledge.

So send that scholarship my way,

Help me with college.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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