The Green

Our lands are poisoned by the unrestricted use of chemicals.

The forests of trees once plentiful and green,

stricken down by machines and burnt by acidic rains.

Oceans filled with waste, both plastic and chemical

And to top it off,

we empty it of its living beings,

moving the food chain from natural to modified.

But there’s something we miss:

we live with the Earth, not off of it;

an idea so basic, yet seemingly forgotten.

Without the Earth where would we stand?

A land without green is a land I don’t belong in.

Republicans, democrats, tea parties, liberals --

A bipartisan disaster with no forward motion.

And now that the ozone’s a swiss cheese on rye,

what have we done to reverse all our “advances”? -- Nothing.

People say that we’re growing, becoming more civilized,

but what costs are we prepared to pay for this progress?

What will we do when the Earth’s all but forgotten?

A barren wasteland created by money and power.

Let’s move to mars, just one planet over, but there is no green,

and that’s one thing I, we, everyone needs.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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