The Greek, Mythological Marine


For Apollo was undercover and no one knew his

Last name.  An almost murdered man was dying.

He was disturbingly downcast about his loss.

He believed he would never win the war.  Hector

Was his name.

His breathing was like a hummingbird’s wings.  Fast.

Desperate.  Apollo asked him what was wrong.

“I was shot,” Hector told him.  “Being in the Marines

Is tough.”  A hero.  A man with honor.

Apollo told him, “The president Jove is on your side.

Go and fight your best.”  Hector asked, “Who are you

To tell me this?”  He believe Apollo was being a


“I am an ice skater.  I was sent to come and find

Someone like you.”

“I am a Marine.  I was sent to come and fight for

Someone like you.”

Flash!  Before Apollo knew it, Hector was

Gone.  Darting from place to place ready to

Kill.  Ready to serve his country.



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