Our world is consumed by a monster

Its name is greed

Greed takes a form in all of us

Morals are the prey of this terrible monster

Greed smiles at impoverished and mocks them with false promises of welfare

Greed is an evil manipulator

Greed sees wealth and riches only in terms of monetary value

Greed is at the top of the food chain

Greed is within the one percent

Greed mocks the woes of the other ninety-nine percent

The monster has a den it is called "Wall Street"

To eliminate this monster we must end our dependency on material things

We live in a society where our self worth is based on our salary

Where a man's value is based upon the value of his car

His clothes

And his home

A society where children are taunted for having less money

Greed grows happy and fat with these thoughts

Greed is our monster

Greed belong to us and the rest of humanity.


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