Greatest Inspiration

What does the future hold?

Walking on the path untold.

My achievements, I am ready to unfold.

Excitement as to whom I will become when I'm old.

The man, the son, the brother, the friend, the husband, and victor of all my foes.

The future seems bright I suppose.

But not all is jolly, 

The future might be cold.


High aspirations bear the heaviest weight. 

Chances of failure seem so great.

Perhaps I should be more realistic, 

But within me, I know that is not my fate.

My greatest inspiration is my future, and what is at stake.

My plans are beyond me,

I am merely a disciple of someone great. 


Will I flourish into success or drown in failure? Nobody knows.

No loss of focus, foresight keeps me on my toes.

Eager, walking on the path untold.

I constantly wonder,

What does the future hold?


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