Greater Meaning in Love

Nobody should die becuase of love.

They should not die because of hate.

People may die of illness.

People may die of old age.

Why kill over differences?

Why kill over your hate?

People are fighting to live,

And see another day.


People have the right to love,

The right to be happy,

To feel unstoppble joy.

Yet people kill themselves

For your petty words. 

So why do people kill others

Over the simple things in life?


Spread the love not the hate,

And keep an open mind.

Look at people that you hate 

Read between the lines.

They are human just like you.

We all have things we hate,

But we are all in search of something more,

A greater meaning in every minute of the day.

This poem is about: 
My country



My deepest sympathies to anyone who knows a victim of the Orlando shooting. Also my sympathies to anyone who was a fan of Christina Grimme, she was a wonderful artist and person. In this crazy time it is important to remember thtat we are all humans, and deserve to be treated as such.

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