The Great Mango Tree


I see you here, Great Mango tree.

How your steady green leaves go to and fro.

How I see myself in you wherever I go.

Though you appear tall and strong, without a care in the world,

I step closer to see you as you are, and it resembles that of a poor, little girl.

The roots are not perfect, they grow out in sporadic ways,

The chipping on your bark, how you endured the pain of those days.

Though you are not perfect, look how magnificent you are.

Look what you have become, how people look with their mouths ajar.

Great Mango tree, look at the fruits you bear.

These mangoes are colorful, sweet and precious.

Much like the memories you have, and the people you have spared.

Despite your cuts and small signs of wilting,

You stand without fear, with the hope you keep building.

Eating your essential fruits, people gather around your base.

They will come here in joy and strife; be it tears or a smile on their face.

Sweet, great and powerful mango tree.

How much of you can you see in me?



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