The Great Flag

Red, white and blue, blue white and red
Each color reflecting the flag we're representing
Between each shade is oppression in disguise
They stand for the pledge and all I can do is just sit back and hide.

and When they finish they attack me, like I've just killed all their brothers
"You don't support your country, America? Well then go to another."
"Soldiers laid down their lives for us" they shout.
I say, "yeah, just to lay down the lives of others..."
We fought oppressors only to further oppress,
Our flag reveals our true colors.

But you're right. Yes, I refuse
To support a country that does all in it's power to create hierarchy after hierarchy

If you’re rich you must better than me, if you’re white even more obviously

Dehumanize my skintone, criticize my poverty,

Cause me to devalue my worth and make me feel savagery

Then fail to even teach me all the valid history

Of my people,  what we contributed, and WHY we shouldn’t discriminate.

In class we barely talk about how we forced helpless people to assimilate:

Native Americans - we still call them “Indians” then shrug it off with no concern,

We are racist against people but then when we offend them we refuse to learn.

“You’re just pulling the race card”

Yes because as a wealthy rich caucasian you can confirm my experience is a fraud

You haven’t lived it yet you’re so certain that our system cannot possibly be flawed.


Robbing freedoms so easily like robbing a purse.

As a child I remember feeling worser and worse

They say minorities receive handouts,

They complain of our endless “perks”

But love to leave out the fact that we’re doing ten times the work.

Doing ten times the work while simultaneously experiencing ten times the hurt,

They kick us down and we have to drag ourselves up & out of the dirt.


And they used to tell me I shouldn’t be so angry or sad, I needed to be thankful,

They said “We’ve come a long way” so I guess that means I should be grateful

I can’t dare mention the racism I experience, if I do then I’m “just being hateful.”

But do you see this flag that waves down yonder?

A nation again divided amongst itself because it's privileged can't ponder

A world of equality and the disregard of social class

The flag waves on but the colors reveal our horrid mask.



Blood splattered of all the minorities and the gays

Sandra Bland, Eric Gardner Trayvon Martin all lie in their graves

Women working twice as hard and still only getting half the pay.

Progress being made only to be taken away.

In America the only way for us to be free is to be dead.

Wave in the sky our flag, so we may observe the vibrant reds.



Blank spaces of ignorance and disregard

The absence of reality and the erasure of the truth

“Home of the Free?” “Land of the Brave?”

This was never factual, from the beginning we had people enslaved

Told people they can't be brave, we still carry this on today.

Transgenders… lacking in rights and respect

The pursuit of happiness we've left them in debt

Labels need to be obsolete yet we must want them to be kept

If you’re Asian then it’s only logical that you’re a born intellect.

And if you’re from South America you must be from either Mexico or Spain.

Oops! These labels are  unsightly, we must cover our sins more politely.

Thick strips of white-out mark our flag very nicely.



Tears streaming from sea to shining sea

Take pity! Take pity! Oh, someone please.

The only time we worry about our brothers is when they're diseased.

When was the last time we stopped for someone on the street?

Instead we spend cash making the wealthy more wealthy

Forget the poor because we’re healthy.

A nation lacking brotherhood is certainly melancholy.

We lack simple empathy...

For experiences we don't undergo, we have no sincerity.

Wave on, dear flag. That short, geometric blue reveals our clash of disunity.


Stars fill the flag with every state subjected to hate.

We mustn't use the term “America the Great”

No, this term does not equate

To a nation who sees skin color so vivid and creates disputes about race

About religion and faith

Who cares if you're gay or you're straight?

It's not our lives yet we place our judgements on their plate.


America, oh America,

Let's find a way to recreate what we fought for.

Why we dumped that tea down the harbour.

Why we revolutionized freedom as our sponsor.

Let us reunify in the pursuit of happiness, liberty,  and love, once and for all. Turn

those reds into hearts strengthened and those whites into fixed legislation.

Those blues into understanding, care and love with proper designation.

Those stars into sparkling units of our country… No more fabrication.

This poem is about: 
My country


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