"Great" Does Not Equal "Better"


It still needs work

But we are a land like no other.

America has everything -

But sometimes not in the right quantities

On both sides of the spectrum:

Diversity but oppression

Love but hate

Great but terrible

However, I don’t blame America

I blame some of the people in it,

But why blame a country as a whole

For the select few that make mistakes?


America is great,

But we still need work.

The government needs to pass laws

To help protect the people who need it most

The kids, the minorities, the poor.

But the truth

Is that it isn’t the government

That needs to do all the work, either.

They can start the change

But they can’t end it.


America is great.

I know it is.

But to make it better -

More accepting, more loving,

We need to look inwards and at each other.

Not all of us are oppressive,

Or racist or homophobic.

But some of us are.

We need to learn acceptance,

To believe that not everybody is bad.

So much positivity can come

From an outstretched hand and a smile.

And to make America the great place

That it is supposed to be

We have to fix ourselves first.



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