The Great Deception by: Jaay Dee Kayy

I'm stuck at a point in my life,

Where I don't really care if I live or die,

I'm staring at the stars in the sky, asking God why?

Like, did I choose this path for me? Is it my fault I can't breathe?

Am I holding the bag over my own head? And if I end it all, would you hear my last breath?

Am I really that, selfish? Is there anyone there to help me? No, no, no...


So why do people say that You love me? How could You love something so disgusting? You're holy!

I'm the cause of my own pain, yet I'm scared to bow to YHWH, for God's sake!

Cause what if all of this is the Great Deception? And what if Trump really should be President?

What if Joe Biden, pushes the Anti-Christ agenda? What if I'm not sure before the end, Lord?

Would You hold off so I can understand, Lord? Or will You move on regardless with Your Perfect Plan, Lord?


You know, the Democrats wanted to keep the slaves, and the Republicans are who broke our chains... so insane.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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