The Great Big Mistake

Mon, 08/21/2017 - 19:30 -- CheyP

Everyone knows how fast the story of the winner spreads, how history is remade and shaped to fit the view of the victors. That law of society is not an exception to the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. Many do not know her true story. Many do not know the wolf was actually her huge pet dog that guarded her journey. Many do not know she was a victim of child abuse. How her mother refused to believe that everytime Little Red came back from her grandmother's, the bruises she was covered in were from poor old Granny. How her fragile meme hit her with a wooden spoon over the littlest mistake or made her do dangerous chores around the house such as removing wasps nests or hauling in heavy logs known to be the home of venomous rattlesnakes. Truth be told, beating her helpless granddaughter made Granny feel young again, less helpless herself. Every week, Little Red was the victim of such abuse and the wolf would walk her both ways to make sure she had a safe journey. It was torture to see the wolf's loved one so badly hurt by the cruel old woman. Finally the wolf snapped and ended the hag's life before she could end Red's. The screams of both the girl and the hag alerted a nearby hunter who came to the rescue. To him, the scene seemed to be a wolf had eaten the grandmother and was now about to lunge at the girl. Little Red had no time to stop him and explain before he put a bullet between the eyes of the protective wolf. Everyone celebrated the hunter as a hero, but Little Red knew the truth and even though she would never be abused again, she lost a great friend.


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