I read a story, about a girl who

grew feathers to save her dead sister, and found  redemption in the sky

until she tripped over the broken gravestone and

Lost her balance-

and dropped like a meteor, burning everything in her path


I once read a story, about a girl who

defied her mother's wishes and whip

to feed her golden hair to horses until

they became the wind-

She mounted and was never seen again.


I once read a story, about a boy who

flew, so close to heaven that the Sun

melted his blasphemous wings and

he tumbled into the ocean-

Those wings had been a gift from his father.


I do not know who is reading my story, or

how they would summarize it

into a single paragraph, like I have with

the stories of so many others.

But I hope, so desperately hope

that someday soon, I too, will experience the same soaring, crashing freedom.


-if they escaped gravity, even for just a minute, then I can too.



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