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United States
40° 4' 10.9344" N, 75° 7' 31.2564" W


for so long, I've been so low

swimming in an endless river of self doubt

and now I have looked back on the past and seen

where I was

where I came from

and what I have become

from those who tore me down.

and now I look in the mirror and no longer see a girl

I see a woman.

Strange, how just two short years can change the way you look at yourself so much....

and for me

its enlightening to know

that despite my past trials and tribulations

mistakes and misjudgementsht.

I have endured and emerged stronger and brighter than Venus shows in the night.

That I have managed to make it through those rough times of sorrow

and going home and crying everynig

Now I find myself in a higher place of joy,

and I am surrounded by those most dear to me.

I find my mother more beautiful,

and my father more loving,

and i see things in them that I never noticed before.

Just as I see things within myself.

I see those around me look at me in earnest

because they know i can make people smile.

And when they smile

I smile.

Because you wouldnt smile if something was wrong.

So when you smile it lets me know that everything is doing well in the world.

and for that

i am truly



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