The Grass Can't Be Greener When There Is No Soil

Wed, 08/07/2013 - 17:40 -- tekight



A princess kissed a frog and he became a prince. Have you heard the tale?

Were you there, did you hear his lungs begin to fail?



As he choked on his words, when she told him of the princes of her yesterday?

His heart felt an anchor, and his head fell into that festered way,

That he came about when he had a name with a face,

And realized how behind he was in a race

He didn’t want, but saw the start of.

And to her, his heart was

Already a part of.



So he went about the forest, and searched for a clue that could save him from his downfall,

Since he now knew how many traits of a prince that he yearned to have but did lack.

Soon he came upon a place, not too big, that seemed like a Town Hall.

It was, and he found, when he went far around to the back,

 That it was a place that his heart had already found.

And it was the organ that was bound

To ignore the mind above and

To order all the rest

In its quest to

Find love.



She had a cute nickname for him in her head: Prince Charming

Because, really, who could that be harming?

But one cannot see through fog.

And she didn’t realize that

Her prince was merely

 A small frog.



He cried and he hid,

Because perhaps he did.



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