A life taken too soon.

A man full of wisdom,

Happiness, and truth.

As you lay on that hospital bed, and my eyes swell with tears

I know you can hear me. The sound of my almost inaudible sobs

Breaking the tangible silence, as we sit together in morbid peace.

The feeling of hands squeezing and tearing my heart out of my chest

At the known fact that there is nothing more we can do to protect you


Grandpa, I know you can hear me, as I speak aloud to myself.

Lying blatantly to my own face, as I say that it will be okay.

As people try to comfort me and tell me this will get better in due time

They say it to help me feel better,

But time is just a figment of our own imagination.

Time does not heal the broken and the deceased

Time does not care about the pain that has been caused.

Nor the tears that have been wept


Grandpa, I know you are happy

Up there in heaven with Jesus

As you use your new replenished body to run the golden roads

Watching the golf balls soar as far as the eye can see

Turning the old into new

And smiling down upon me


Grandpa, I know you are with me through every step of the way

Pushing me to do my best, and never give up on what I’ve put my mind too

Teaching me to never do a lazy man's load

And to treat everybody with respect

Thank you for the life lessons you have taught me

I will forever cherish the memories we have made together

So much love for you, see you soon

Your granddaughter, Naturally



This poem is about: 
My family


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