Graffiti in the Mirror


Jesus was a king, We didn't even know it

Found out Drake could sing, We didn't even know it

Slavery resulted to a good thing, You didn't even know it

African Americans with degrees, from 3rd World to NEPOtists



Graffiti in the Mirror, That's a tainted image

Leave your dreams to be unclear, Like that green on that Spinach

Or that Martin Luther King Ave, Ironically filled with violence

Them boys had a Dream; Cars, Nike's and Women grinding

Or better yet bullets flying, that Gangsta life they implying

"Gun powder left on that chicken", Our young men are frying

Leaving little boys left dying, Causing more mothers to be crying

No Kleenex for their eyes, Just a coffin bill on bad timing


Hold up...


You started searching for God, Instead you found Kanye West

I asked for a tattoo of Jesus and got Yeezus inked on my chest

At least that's a lesser lie of what Jesus looked like

Allowed Syncretism to happen, Now he's blue eyes and white

Hitler's Grandpa might have been Jewish and Muhammad Ali was scared of fighting

If that isn't Graffiti in the Mirror, Then all my professors have been lying

You looked into the mirror to see your reflection

Got neon colors and a skewed face, leaving half your face fluorescent

Now all your thoughts are depressant, like that Ethanol on your brain

Kind of like them doses of cocaine, had needle shots to your blood veins  

What if Shakespeare was a woman?, Would you see things the same?

"I'm society's mirror and boy, you hallucinating things.

Ain't no woman perfecting her craft unless its cheesy pasta rings.

Ain't no woman writing like that, unless she just a secretary on staff,

But NO position after that. She's just a body for a porn mag.

Just a piece of meat to be grabbed, or a cook for the kitchen.

It's a step up if she's housekeeper for the Nixon's

I'm telling you.. they're just stupid Wom..."( BAM!!)

(Sounds of glass shattering)


I just broke the glass!

That Graffiti in the Mirror turned to Graffiti on glass scraps.

Leaving society breathless and woman without a checklist

Now dreams can be straight for youngens and women can get a check

No Backwards, it was wreckless, Now people can do less wreck

Take a Lap to the Top, How's that for an Enter Net Ex...plorer {Internet Explorer}

Our hearts we all invest

Image Scams with Graffiti cans, Reflection misleads perplex

Leaving us scared and under stress, Mentally deranged like war vets

Gonna need therapy for that critically impaired me

That Dr.Phil Oprah Net, But now we can see clearly

I can actually hear me and truthfully take the path to my dreams

No More Graffiti in the Mirror, I'm in Collage {college} making Potpourri {infant saying poetry} 


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