The square rests heavy on my head.

I walk with slow and steady tread.

My night black robes I’m stumbling over.

I’ll have to grow up a little more.


Tomorrow I will cross the stage,

When the announcer says my name.

Applause will ring and life will change.

Nothing will ever be the same.


Tonight I haunt the hallowed halls.

Nostalgia seeps out of the walls.

Memories rise like mist from the floor.

I inhale them, suck them to my core.


I do not laugh.

I do not cry.

I just exhale

A long, deep sigh…


These hallowed halls that used to drone,

With a thousand laughs and a thousand moans.

This lively place became my home.

Tonight I walk these halls alone.


The dust of chalk and the glue of books

Tickled my nose as they swirled in the air.

I remember how it used to look.

I could see the world from there.

I sat dreaming in the hard, plastic desk chair.

Listening to the stories of explorers who had been there,

Telling us to have no fear.

The world was ours if only we dared.


What is this I’m feeling?

Are these sad or joyous tears?

These hallowed halls are empty,

And I won’t be back next year.


I spent years studying in this lounge.

I passed out hard on these blue chairs.

My friends at I were the knights of the round,

When we had zero and a thousand cares.


This is where they unfolded my mind,

The chrysalis wrapped tight around me.

I spread my wings and launched into the world,

Because this is where they found me.


Alas, silly me, forget my fears.

This isn’t the world; it’s only here.

This nostalgia I have, it’s okay to feel.

I’m about to enter the world for real.


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