Grades Should Not Mean

Mon, 11/11/2013 - 17:12 -- Voceen


I care not for how smart you say I am,Nor for a grades on my report card.Why waste time doing what I know I can?Schooling should never be thought of as hard... Our grades should not be what sets the bars.A's should not mean just memorization,B'a should not mean that I am sub-par.C's should not mean I'm not fit for civilization.D's should not mean that I don't even care,F's, above all else, should NOT mean failure. In fact, grades should not mean anything.In fact, grades should not even exist.In a perfect world, we test for learning,Not for a percent our state persists. But instead, students will continue toDespise learning and all it says to do.Yes, we can help, yes, this could be changed,Stop trying to remember what you just "memorized",And realize it starts with you.



My favorite part about this poem is that it is not what I normally like to do. If you are a poet and are reading this, feel free to laugh while reading. I do not do this regularly, in fact, this is probably the first poem I've wrote since 5th grade. I did enjoy writing it because I was able to put across what I truly am feeling currently in school, and what I've always thought. 


I know it's nothing stellar, but I hope you enjoy.

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