Grade Of Life

One hop, two hop

Three hop, Four,

How many hops till I know my test score?

I read and I read,

Make sure it is right,

But i can’t help seeing

That 65 at night.

I know i can do it

Ms.Port says I can,

But I know that I blew it

Cause i’m only a man.

I focus on numbers

No factoring here

Only the digits

I see in the mirror.

I can’t help but notice

How easy it would be

If I cared about grades

More than I cared about me.

These tests that i pass,

It all counts so much;

I try not to change;

My dreams so in clutch.

I’m more than these grades

I’m different enough to see

That the gears they are making

Are just not for me.

I follow the system

It calls me “#3”

Since i have the 3rd highest average

The 3rd most normal

The 3rd in order

From robots 1 through 4

I see the door

I can leave if I please

And get a nice full time job

At the nearest Macy’s.

Because if i don’t stay here

I’ll never achieve

And If I do

I’ll follow their lead

Be #1

Of the “I’m Not Me’s”

And finally be

A robot with degrees.

I walk up slowly

Say my last final words

While I’m still free

While I’m still Me

Feel my last nice breeze

And I say with ease:

“So what’s my grade?”


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