The Graces

It’s 9:30am at Myth Shore High

A place where the children of greek gods learn and grow

As they try to fill the expectations that have been set for them 

Thanks to their ever so powerful and talented parents

From the nightmares of Melinoe, daughter of Hades

To the healing light of Apollo, son of Zeus

Myth Shore prides itself on being the most diverse school for the gods


One must be aware of the rulers that dominate the student body at Myth Shore 

Only a fool wouldn’t respect The Graces

Euphrosyne embodies the most pure form of joyfulness 

You could ask every single soul that’s ever met her and they would say the same thing:

“I’ve never seen her frown, yet there’s not a single wrinkle on that face”

Her radiant smile pierces intense joy into those who look, making them easy to manipulate

Aglaia mimics the energy of the finest pearls as her elegance cannot be matched

Her every move is precise and clean in a way that is enticing to watch 

We finally come to Thalia

Almost anyone can tell you that she is by far the most perfect creation of Zeus

She defines flawless with her youthful beauty as her glowing skin, sparkling eyes, and flowing locks leave everyone in awe

The Graces ooze with charm and splendor 

Together they’re an unstoppable force

Daughters of Zeus and Aphrodite; aka, rulers of Myth Shore

Better yet known as The Graces


This poem is about: 
Our world


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