I feel like I’ve tarnished your name

But I am not a disgrace.

For so long I felt shame

But now I receive your grace.

You lavish it upon me,

See past all my faults.

You told me who I could be

Despite my impure thoughts.

We are not so scandalous

that you’d turn your back on us.

No longer will I carry

the weight of the old me.

Let’s trade our “no longer worthy” for “I’m no longer the same.”

Let’s stop listening to the enemy

And begin to praise Christ’s name.

I’m not under the law;

I’m under His grace.

He bore all my sins;

He took my place.

Because of this, I won’t boast in myself

But rather, in Christ, for He is my help.

Jehovah Rapha, the Lord who heals

Yes you are Jehovah, the Lord who reveals.

To the Godly women who come by my side

When I’m humble enough to let go of pride,

You’ve been here for me and loved without judgment.

And thanks be to God for his merciful atonement.

I’ll remember these things when I’m in despair.

I’ll remember the truth when I question if You’re there.

I’ll give up my guilt, my shame, and secrets.

I’ll trade it all, just to know this-

God didn’t come for me to live dead

But to die to myself and be free instead.




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