Gossip Addict


United States
41° 18' 23.4864" N, 96° 9' 47.8944" W

It's like heroin, each word said
Injected into my ear
Your lips are the needle.
I get chills, I know it's wrong
So wrong.
I try to avoid it by plugging my ears
The urge is too strong to
listen, listen, listen
The 'Did you hear about's and
The 'I can't believe they's
Have me crawling back for more
I'm hooked on those juicy lies

It's like a cigarette
I breath in the information
Luckily, it doesn't blacken my lungs.
My soul, however cannot say the same.
I release the built up smoke in my mouth
So everyone else can share in my knowledge
Some unwilling,
Others take a deep breath in,
Blackening their soul with
Second-hand gossip

It's like a joint
A community drug
You can't keep it all to yourself
Let's pass it around the circle,
And make sure everyone gets a nice long drag
It makes serious matters casual.
You regret.

It's alchohal
I don't know what I'm saying
And my mind blurs with fuzzy lines
Between right and wrong.
I pick up my keys and
Drive my self righteous car
Judging all I pass by
With every sip I drank
I didn't see the stop sign.
I didn't see the warnings.
Now I've affected more than myself
As I stop too late.
I hurt a life,
Multiple lives.

Another gossip overdose.
Another victim taken.
Another life ruined.


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